Classroom Video

Powerful. Simple. Innovative.

Our Kloud-12 Classroom Video Solution promotes safety for students and staff while fostering high academic achievement through live stream and video recording.


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Bullying Prevention

Another set of eyes to proactively intervene when there are signs of bullying.

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Safety & Security

Helps protect students and staff members proven to decrease discipline referrals, provides theft deterrence and after-hours monitoring.

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Virtual Learning

Easily schedule, record, access and share videos for anytime/anywhere.

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Professional Development

Teachers grow through self-assessment and instructional coaching.

Kloud-12 camera


Multi-purpose Video Technology

CENTEGIX provides agency districts with the industry’s most advanced network video management and distribution system. The 360-degree, 12 megapixel, 4k classroom cameras provide a layer of added security and productivity. Motion-detected video recordings are activated and stored on a local NVR (Network Video Recorder) for access. Utilizing Centegix Kloud-12’s industry-leading software, teachers can simply and conveniently record, review, reflect, and share lessons with colleagues in their PLCs or collaborate with administrators for effective feedback via virtual observations.


An effective teacher has 14 times the effect on student success than reducing class size


A teacher's effectiveness is 20 times as likely to boost student performance on standardized tests as other factors


76% of teachers in the US use technology to increase effectiveness and student achievement

We live in a world where accountability is first and foremost in many things that we do. In Lumpkin, we are promoting a culture of self-accountability and the Classroom Video Solution helps do that for teachers and students.

- Dr. Rob Brown, Superintendent