About Us

Who We Are

CENTEGIX is a technology company that provides high-value solutions for customers across various industries. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, CENTEGIX is taking a distinctive approach to delivering safety and security solutions to education and business organizations around the country.

What We Do

CENTEGIX provides the timely delivery of actionable information to support safe and productive education and corporate environments. Our proprietary technologies enable all staff members to initiate an alert quickly and reliably anywhere on the organization’s property.

Our Team

CENTEGIX has a diverse team with over 75 years of experience across the education and corporate industries. They also have a deep understanding of the needs of school and business leaders and are excited to leverage their experience and relationships to create safe and productive environments.


Daniel Dooley

Chairman/Chief Strategy Officer


Jim Szyperski

Chief Executive Officer


Jeff Downs, M.Ed

Senior Vice President, Sales


Alysse Daniels, M.Ed

Director of Business Development